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Hi. I was hit by a car, January 2017. By getting hit by a car, I had shoulder problems. I had to get my rotator cuff repaired. Then while I had that repaired I was going for chiropractic, physical therapy, acupuncture. I was doing that for awhile. My range of motion still wasn't too good. Then Justin started his special therapy on my shoulder, which worked out really, very well.

Plaid Pete, satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

I want to say that I had terrible back pain and in my neck. I was in an accident. I had whiplash and it took a very long time for the pain to go away. But when I started this new trapezius work with Justin, thing started to change. I'm no longer aching. I can actually put my head down on my pillow without being in pain. When I wake up, I'm not in pain anymore. My muscles were incredibly tight. Sometimes the muscles were so tight, they would generate migraines. It stopped happening, which is a little miracle. This got rid of all the tightness and the stiffness, and it made an incredible difference in how I can move, how I can even put my head back in the car when I'm driving, lying down, standing. It made a complete difference in my life, and I'm very grateful to Justin for doing that. Thank you.

Vermillion Orange, satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

I was in a very bad car accident where I was hit by a drunk driver. Because of the pinched nerve and because of the pain I was experiencing in the shoulder area, I wasn't able to fully move my shoulder up and down. I wasn't able to raise my arm all the way up. Rotating was definitely not happening. There was a lot of tightness. And after I started to see the chiropractor and acupuncturist, I started to receive special therapy on my shoulder. The therapy was painful because of the sensitivity on my shoulder. It was a lot of pressure on that area, but I started to realized immediately after the therapy that there was a release of pain. It was very intense. It would last about five to 15 minutes, in which I would get an intense massage on the shoulder.

And little by little, each and every time I got the treatment, I started to realize that I was ... that the shoulder was becoming looser, that it wasn't as tight, that I can move it a little bit more, little by little. And now almost a year after the accident, I've almost gained full mobility of the shoulder. Overall, it has helped. I went from a 10 scale of pain to a two, three in about (under half) a year. It's something that I would definitely suggest.”

Hey how are you? My name is Vincent. I just wanted to thank Justin for what he's done for me. Just a little about what happened. I got into a car accident back in January and my whole upper back and left shoulder was in a lot of pain. I wasn't able to do a lot of movements. I wasn't able to do the gym, which is one of my loves that I have in my life, obviously besides my family. But, when I came to see Justin he suggested something he called the TrapEAZE Technique which you know, I was a little hesitant at first, but he's been into it he was very convincing that it would work and thank goodness he did that he did because since I gotten it done over the last few months my pain levels gave from a 9 down to back to even better than it was before.

I'm back in the gym, I'm back into doing what I love again you know, raising up my arms, picking up my children again but I'm not a problem anymore. I just wanted to say thank you to Justin and I can truly attest to the TrapEAZE Technique.

I started gaining a lot of range of motion. I was able to wash my hair, things that I couldn't do. I was able to get stuff out of kitchen cabinets, just cleaning around the house, basic things. Now my life is getting back to normal from Justin's therapy. I feel like I gained a lot of range of motion. I'm able to do much more things.

Thank you very much.

Brutus Beefcake, satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

I had an accident on August 21, 2018, and prior to the accident and I didn't really have neck pain and, because of it, I was having trouble with my neck where I had limited mobility as to where I could look left and right. Justin treated it with this method where he went and did something with the muscles, twisting them in a sense, and causing relief. What would happen is he would treat it, and then the next day I would have a lot of pain 'cause the muscles were sore. Then, after that, like a day or two it would completely relieve the area. It's been probably two months now since he's treated it last and I haven't really had problems with it, and I noticed a great improvement in how my neck feels. Thanks."

Dexter, satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

On October 5th, 2016, I had a job-related injury. I fractured my left scapula in two places. On May 2nd of 2017 I had arthroscopic surgery. Due to the injury, I was having difficulty sleeping. Afterwards, after the surgery, I would wake up three or four time through the middle of the night from the injury. After going through procedures, I had, here with Justin, I have a special type of treatment that he had done to whereas it was like a massage-type work with the muscles. And since then, I have not been waking up in the middle of the night as I was before. My sleep has been normal ever since. And it's been going on since the treatment by Justin. And it's still is that way right now. I have been feeling much more better with the treatment and service from him.

My severe pain has lasted for 14 years. To begin with, if affected only my left arm so I consulted an orthopedic doctor. Over time my pain gradually became worse despite his treatment. My P.C.P. then referred me to a neurologist, but i experienced no significant improvement. The pain spread to my left shoulder and the left side of my neck. After several MRI’s and my neurologist I was correctly diagnosed.

Due to an abnormality in a section of my spinal column, I suffer muscle spasm attacks which in turn causes severe pain. After suffering for so long I gave up a pain-free life. The my neurologist convinced me to try Justin Mandel’s TrapEAZE Technique™.

Undergoing this treatment is the best gift that I could give myself. Hopelessness was restored to hope and impossible became possible. Thanks to Justin I got my life back while my treatment is continuing on a much reduced level.”

M.M., satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

I’m writing this testimonial to let others know that there is hope to relieve your pain. I never thought this treatment would give such fabulous results, it has and I am very grateful.

After the car accident, I was in therapy 3-6 days/week, for over 6 months. The pain, at best, would mildly subside, however, the relief was minimal and temporary. 

I was approached by Justin and he offered a treatment modality that I have never heard of and was of course skeptical of any lasting effects. At the same time I was being worked up for a more invasive treatment that would require anesthesia- which I was hesitant and apprehensive about: It is called MUA, Manipulation Under Anesthesia. 

I agreed to go along with Justins plan of therapy and only after a few treatments, to my surprise, the gnawing, crippling pain in my neck and shoulder ceased. 

I was still not sure this was permanent & I’m still a bit wary, however, its been a few months now and I am no longer in agony. 

I am in nursing administration and have long days and since the accident, everyday by 3pm, the pain in my neck & shoulder would radiate to my head and the pain was excruciating, nothing would take it away until I started this treatment and now if I get any pain, it is short lived and I can completely recover. 

The actual procedure is minimally painful- compared to the constant agony I was in 24/7. 

I have other injuries from this accident that has created pain in other areas of my body for which I will be getting this treatment to as well.

I was really shocked that this actually worked and wish that more practitioners were aware of this technique so that they could help relieve the very many people suffering. No needles, no medication, no long drawn out therapies, no anesthesia and no surgery; this is a must try treament if you want to get your life back.

As a practicing Registered Nurse for over 30yrs, I will be sharing this wonderful break through technique with my colleagues."

The Black Widow, satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

In April of 2009 I had a very bad car accident where I needed Heart Surgery. My body nearly doubled in size from water/fluid retention to where I have very uncomfortable Edema from head to toe. My neck has two slipped discs and one compressed and it causes numbness and severe muscle spasms on my left side in my upper back area. I have seen every doctor imaginable for the past couple of years and on numerous medications for every ailment but still felt no overall relief until now. I now fully believe in…the TrapEAZE Technique™ and could not imagine my life without Justin’s treatments.  I go in and have all the above symptoms and when I get up I feel like a totally different person. I feel less pain and a highly increased overall sense of well-being. Thank you Justin :)

B.L., satisfied TrapEAZE Technique® patient

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