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Helping patients with upper back pain live a pain-free life is all we do.


Positive past patient feedback from our unique patent-pending approach to treating upper back pain has overwhelmingly yielded a significantly high percentage of patients who routinely have seen a complete elimination of their symptoms.  Elimination of symptoms commonly includes pain, tension, radiating symptoms down the arm, arm weakness, headaches, migraines, and poor interrupted nights of sleep from pain.

Also of importance, most past patient’s who have experienced elimination of their symptoms have enjoyed long-term pain relief, long after their last treatment has completed.  A low percentage of patients ever return to see us again for additional care following the completion of their treatment series.   

The reason for our high success rate is due to how our unique 4-step treatment rehabilitates the upper back muscles back to how they originally were, before there ever was any issues.  We understand from significant patient feedback that that it’s very common for the muscles to feel as though they are gradually transforming back to how they used to feel as treatments continue on.

In a smaller percentage of patients among those did not experience complete pain relief we have seen a serious reduction in pain, that past patients were extremely grateful for.  This is because prior to us no treatment that they tried worked successfully for them.  In some of these more unique cases, any even  small degree of pain relief was warmly welcomed.

  • Mothers have reported the ability to easily pick their infants up again, without feeling as though they were going to perpetually drop their child.
  • Athletes have reported greater ease of movement without restriction or concern of movement.
  • Workers have reported feeling rested in the morning from not being awoken in the middle of the night.
  • Headache and migraine sufferers have reported permanent relief.
  • Everyone who was successfully treated has reported enormous relief and gratitude that they found us.


Our Unique Approach

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Experience Sets Us Apart

We know that based on over 20+ years of experience in healthcare that an educated patient is the absolute best patient there is.  In order to educate potential patients about how we work we offer a short yet incredibly informative 10 to 15 minute webinar that you can watch in the comfort of your home, or from the convenience of your smart phone or tablet.

To get started simply click on the green TrapEAZE Technique® button below to read through details about our specialty services etc.  After scrolling through the sequence of 5 pages with links to the next page towards the bottom of each you will arrive at the “FIRST STEP” page which will lead directly to our webinar page.

Once on the webinar sign up page simply enter your email address and you can instantly watch the webinar at your convenience.  After the webinar is over you’ll be taken to a page where you can schedule your personalized consultation in order to determine if you are a candidate for our specialized treatment services.

Medical Study

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief is currently conducting a medical study

Contribution to Medicine

In conjunction with a clinical research physician we are currently conducting a medical study to determine the efficacy of our patent-pending procedure.  With over 10 years in development we know that it works as evidenced by years of subjective and objective patient reports plus multitudes of video and written success stories.  However, relevant hard data is needed in order to validate it’s actual degree of success.  Once our study is complete we will submit it to various orthopedic and sports medicine journals to help educate the world-wide medical community.

Private Investigator

Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC


We offer the following three services:

Are you a candidate?

Before any patient is accepted into our practice we provide an unmatched consultation to determine if they are a potential candidate for our patent-pending procedure. Included with each consultation is MRI results review, history taking, and the medical industry’s most thorough upper back examination.

Plus care plan

With each consultation a visual “report of findings” is included that specifically pinpoints what we have discovered that’s potentially wrong, which you can keep for your records and show your MD or GP. A care plan will also be provided, which reveals your prognosis of approximately how many treatments you will need to get you out of pain and keep you that way.

Experience real results

Typically most patients show a reduction in pain, tension, tightness, and discomfort as the treatment series continues session by session. Unhealthy upper back muscles gets restored to healthy muscle by the end of the treatment series. At the end of your treatment series you will be taught holistic strengthening exercises that will help keep you out of our care for the long-term.

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief is the first upper back pain specialty practice in the United States and it’s also the very first to offer the TrapEAZE Technique®.  All patient’s who are candidates for the TrapEAZE Technique® will receive highly personalized care direct from the specialist who developed and perfected it.



Payment & Insurance

The Center for Upper Back Pain Relief  currently only accepts cash, check, or credit card.

We do not currently accept health insurance. We will however provide you with a simple to submit “super bill” for services that you received, which you can send in to your health insurance company for potential reimbursement.

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