Specialty Services

Private Personalized Consultation
Before any patient is eligible to receive treatment a consultation is first required.  A consultation is necessary to see if someone will be accepted into our practice. 
Every 30-minute consultation includes the following:
1. Health history review
2. Review of records including MRI results
3. Thorough physical examination 
4. Report of Findings with Care Plan 
These details determine whether someone is eligible to become our patient. If a patient is not accepted they’re referred to an appropriate healthcare practitioner.
Report of Findings & Care Plan
We’re proud to offer the medical industry’s most thorough upper back pain report of findings to our patients. We’re the first upper back pain specialty practice in the USA to offer such a detailed report of findings. It was developed by the Center for Upper Back Pain Relief’s medical director, Dr. Justin Mandel, DOM AP LAC. You can keep your copy of our report of findings.
Your Report of Findings will:
  • Show you where your upper back issues are, despite what you’re feeling may be wrong.
  • List out 9 different variables that can contribute to your upper back pain
  • Show the extent that each variable is directly affecting your level of pain
Your Care Plan includes your prognosis. It will list the approximate number of total office visits that you’ll need. Please note that prognosis is both an art and a science. Due to that it’s not always accurate. Also be aware that it’s impossible for any doctor to accurately predict your prognosis 100% of the time.
The TrapEAZE Technique®
The TrapEAZE Technique® is the world’s first non-invasive, non-surgical, and non-opioid treatment that only treats the upper back.  Most people suffer from upper back pain caused by unhealthy fibrous bundles of muscle (F-BOM’s).  If they don’t become healthy than ones pain, discomfort, and/or agony continues.
This exclusive procedure targets F-BOM’s starting from your very first treatment.  As each treatment progresses the previous treatments progress is built upon. Our goal is to minimize or eliminate these pain causing fibrous bundles of muscle.
Around 30% of first time patients describe feeling sore during and after their treatment.  This is a normal reaction representative of the body’s healing process starting work.  This feeling is a result of inflammation taking place from targeting F-BOM’s with laser-like precision.