Are You A Candidate ?

In order to determine if you’re a candidate for our exclusive patent-pending non-invasive non-surgical non-opioid TrapEAZE Technique® upper back pain treatment, all prospective patients are methodically examined before your first treatment is ever scheduled.  Your extremely thorough upper back pain examination will last 15-minutes and will include reviewing your history, reviewing your MRI* results, plus providing you with the most thorough upper musculoskeletal upper back examination that’s available from any doctors office anywhere.

Upon completing your upper back pain examination if it’s determined that you are a candidate for the TrapEAZE Technique® you will receive your own highly detailed personalized report of findings with care plan that you can show to your general practitioner (MD/DO), physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor (PMR), neurologist or other allied healthcare professional that is treating you.

Your report of findings will explain in great detail the extent of what was found along with what needs to be improved.  Your care plan will also lay out the approximate number of treatments that it will take to get you better.

Unlike many other pain management practices our goal simply is to get you better as rapidly as possible, without keeping you coming back on an ongoing basis multiple times per week.  As great as it is to meet so many wonderful patients, nothing satisfies us more than discharging our patients once we know that their upper back muscles have returned to health and that their debilitating chronic pain they were so used to won’t return any time soon.

*All new patients are required to bring in their cervical MRI results to their upper back pain examination.  If you do not have an MRI report please contact your medical doctor in order to get one.